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    posted a message on The Warpath! Recruiting Competitive Factions and Players - 500 Ftop Prize Pool! Just Reset!
    The Warpath


    We are resetting Friday, the 4th of August @ 2PM EST - don't be late, we will have a 500 ftop prize pool at stake! We offer the best RPG premium class factions experience out there!



    We are ‘The Warpath’ - a semi-custom ‘Warhammer’ themed faction guild server built around you, the player! We wanted to build a server based around what the players wanted, with our own custom little extras here and there. And that’s what we’ve done! We truly believe this will be one of the best servers you will ever experience.

    As you are plunged down below into your home cave known in the Dwarven race by the name of ‘The Underworld’, you must travel and ascend your way up to the ‘Overworld’ from there, you must strive to survive as you battle other ambitious upstarts and their factions. You only have one goal. Rule. The. OVERWORLD! Theme music starts playing

    Our server strives to provide our players with the best possible experience to the players, and caters to the players themselves. So here are some of the features we will provide our players with:



    An amazing, aesthetically pleasing ‘Underworld’ spawn.
    Amazing builds to accompany our Dwarven/Warhammer theme.
    Custom enchantments - that will literally blow your enemies away.
    Runestones - forged by the finest of runesmiths to unleash powers you never knew you possessed. 
    Fully custom coded plugins to provide gameplay you’ve never experienced.
    Daily KOTHs scheduled multiple times a day.
    Blood Crates - generous gifts from fallen foe’s.
    1.8 PVP mechanics, while server remains compatible with versions 1.8 - 1.11.2
    Improved cannon mechanics to make it easy to make bases go B00M!
    An amazingly helpful and dedicated staff team on standby.
    A super high speed dedicated server to ensure the absence of lag.
    Amazingly talented server managers to keep the server trouble free.
    Many other improvements and tweaks to make your gameplay experience frustration-free!


    Our server IP: mc.the-warpath.com
    Our Website: https://the-warpath.com/
    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/z6Rw2TW
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