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    Hey everyone,


    I have FTB on my laptop, and want to be able to play the same world on my Desktop when I am home. My laptop is on the same wireless network, sharing is on (both computers are windows 10), I have mapped the appropriate folders on to the Z: drive on my desktop. I can see and access the curse launcher (which is installed on my laptop) from my desktop, and it runs just fine. However, when I go to the minecraft tab, it says it is missing some files, and needs to be installed. I know however this is not the case, as I can play it no problem on my laptop, and they are pointing to the same directory (only difference is that on my desktop is show it as Z:/path/to/ftbmodpack, as where on the laptop is shows C:/path/to/ftbmodpack). I know it is possible for this to work, as the very first time i tried it it showed up fine, but upon closing and relaunching, it has not worked yet. Does anyone have any experience with this? My best guess is that the permissions are not set up properly, so my desktop cannot either read/write or both to my laptops folders. I have tried every way possible way I could think of to remedy this, but any suggestions would be great!

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