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    posted a message on can i post this here?
    Hello friends.
    I made a Toplist for Minecraft Servers with Votifier support.
    This list has a  top10 function and later it will be a Server bidding system implemented.
    It has a user friendly search function (Filters) and a seo optimized toplevel Domain.
    Your user get rewarded right after a Vote.
    Help me to make this Toplist more popolar and get more Servers listed, i will add the first 10 Servers on the Top10 Page as long as there are at least 15 new Servers added to the list ;)
    If... and thats nearly impossible, there will be 15 new Servers added in no Time, your Servers will be at least stay for 30 Days on the Top10!
    Thank You for reading my Post and i hope you will join my list with adding your Server to it.
    Best regards and thanks in Advance.
    Ps: I hope my English is okay cause i am German :)
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