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    Hi, awesome modpack (I'm a relative beginner and it's really nice to be taken through stuff slowly) - just had a couple of points I noticed:


    King Slime spawned really randomly - I set up pretty close to the spawn and he kind of dropped on my house. When I fought him there was no boss music or anything (although the boss health bar thing did come up) and he just looked like an ordinary slime - he didn't drop slimes as he took damage or anything. It should be noted I am right under two slime islands so maybe he came from there. When I killed him I did get king slime shurikens so pretty sure he was king slime! BUT when I killed him all of my hotbar inventory vanished. I kept the stuff in my normal inventory. 


    I don't know much about mods/modpacks so sorry if this is something everyone knows about!


    Also I noticed with the tinker's construct quests - I'd been using my flint pickaxe long enough that it had already gone up a mining level so I didn't need copper tools - so  that one felt a bit unnecessary - but I guess some people will get to it quicker so it's probably worth keeping. Then my nice flint pickaxe got eaten by King Slime anyway so... 


    Seriously, thanks for the modpack! I think this one's going to get pretty popular :) 

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