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    Happy To help

    If you enjoy playing please let me know and if you want more modpacks like this from me also let me know.

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    Hi there I got so bored of playing minecraft vanilla and decided to play modded then i got bored of modded and then played a bit of pixelmon and then i had a eureka moment and thought what if i created a mod-pack with pixelmon and other amazing cool mods won't that be awesome so i got to work and created this modpack.


    Please if there is any questions or suggestions about the modpack to add any more mods or change any configuration please let me know.


    Plus there is a server for the pack with about 2 -4 people playing on it if you would like to join pm me on obbyforce@gmail.com saying

    -why you want to join ?

    -how many hours you will be able to play ?

    -how many days a week you will be able to play?

    -real name (will be kept private)

    -your age (will be kept private)

    -ign ?


    I want to have a friendly community and that can only be in place if i place a few rules like no pvp unless both parties agree, no stealing , no griefing , no pranking and no inappropriate language that's it you're good to go to play.


    Hope you enjoy the mod pack.



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