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    Hello!  I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to make me a custom Minecraft skin?  If so, I would GREATLY appreciate it!  I would like the skin to have a "royal" or "elegant" or "regal" feel to it.  The must have's of the skin include, in no particular order, the following:


    -Purple or blue eyes

    -A crown with a gem as the centerpiece

    -Gloves of either blue or purple

    -Blue and purple and white clothing


    This concludes the wish list for my skin.  I understand it is a lot, but I would deeply appreciate the gesture if someone would be so kind as to take on this task.  Feel free to contact me by any of the following ways:


    Skype:  d.peters14

    Email:  peters.daniel414@yahoo.com

    Curse Account:  XResplendencyX


    I have attached some photos to use as inspiration and to give you an idea as to what I would like in the skin.  Thanks so much for you time!



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