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    So Im trying to make a modpack and I keep crashing when I load it. Here is a pastebin link to the full crash report. If anyone can help please do. Thanks! http://pastebin.com/RjewN0iR

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    Hello fellow curse users. I have just finished making a custom modpack on the CurseVoice launcher. I have had only one issue so far. I cant load worlds. When I go to create a new world, it does the "Generating World" thing then it goes back to the title screen. I have tried multiple times, but it doesn't want to load. Here is a link to the log on pastebin, http://pastebin.com/90JqKXV2,  if you think you could find the issue that would be great. So, please tell me if there is a fixable issue. 

                       Thanks guys!

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