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    We are excited to announce that we will be opening a fantastic new website for Server voting. This website will contain all FTB servers, including a variety of Modpacks. This is a chance for you to excel your server and get it into a large group of players. Cheap highlighted positions allow even fresh starting servers and companies can push their way to the top and have a chance against those long-standing competitors. But we also have Ranked view which can make those big servers even bigger with our large community. On the right-hand side of the website, there is a bump system which allows registered users to "bump" their service to the top of the list. Giving front page exposure for free!


    This is also a great way to not only post a server but to find one, with our specialised filtered search you will be able to find what you want in seconds. This allows for more play time and less looking for a server online. The search allows the player to look through an assortment of different filters from what plugins the server has to what modpack it is running allowing for full optimisation.


    We aim to satisfy the gamers needs in every way from those who want to make to start growing a server to those who just want to make the community they have bigger. We also want to provide a fun and friendly environment to list the server on and make it efficient for your search needs.

    XYZ servers use extensive measures to detect and prevent vote cheating on the sites. The methods of detection are internal to the website and are not publicly described, in order to protect the algorithms and prevent abuse.

    In order for XYZ SERVERS to provide up-to-date status information on servers, as well as detailed statistics in the case of a server using the Advanced Query system, they will periodically send requests to your server to retrieve information.



    • Cheap
    • Efficient
    • Large Community
    • Friendly
    • Dedicated support staff
    • Awesome filtering system
    • BUMP for easy exposure on the front page! FREE!
    • Highlighter spots for those willing to invest for a top place!


    So why not stop on by and start making your server gigantic.

    Our ftb listing site: ftbservers.xyz

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