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    When you start playing Minecraft, you need to know a few things. As you walk around the world you will see that the environment changes. In one place there might be a jungle, but if you walk for a while you are in a desert. These different environments are called biomes; it is important to know this because you find different stuff in each biome.


    Next, you need to know that in Minecraft there are days and nights. When the sun goes down, and the world turns dark, the monsters come out. When you first start playing Minecraft, you are weak and you need to build a shelter quickly to protect yourself from the monsters but later on in the game, when you make weapons and amour, you will be strong and you can fight the monsters, teaching them not to mess with you. There are many different types of monsters and most of them are hostile. The most common are the zombies and they will slowly walk towards you groaning. Then there are skeletons that fire arrows at you from a distance. They can do a lot of damage and their ranged attack makes them especially dangerous. Creepers are enemies that will approach you slowly and explode when they are near. There are also witches that will poison you, spiders that come down from the trees, guardians in the water, and endermen that are very strong and can teleport.

    During the daytime, you are not safe either. Some monsters will stay in dark places, waiting for you, and others can survive the sunlight. You need to be careful when exploring, because if you run out of health you will die. When you die, you lose all of your items and respawn at the spawn point.

    The world is not just shared with monsters; there are also animals. They will not attack you, and will even run away if you attack them. They can be a source of food or resource, and some animals like horse can be ridden.

    Once you open you inventory you are well on your way to crafting you some tools. First, I am going to tell you what you need to find to make the basic tools in Minecraft.


    You need wood to make tools. It is also a useful block for building shelter. Wood is used for so many things that it is always good to have some in your inventory. Wood is gathered from trees. If you find trees and click on the wooden block you will mine them, the axe tool will speed this up.


    Stone is found underground and on the surface. It is used to make tools and it also a great resource for building. Cobblestone is the most common form of stone and it is easiest to mine with the pickaxe. Stone is also used to make the furnace, which is needed for a lot of advanced crafting recipes and to cook food.


    Coal is important to find early in the game because it lets you make torches. Torches give off light and monsters cannot spawn in the light. It is also a fuel that works well for powering a furnace. Coal is found in stone. There is a lot of it underground but it can be found on the surface, especially around caves and mountains.


    Iron is the first material that you will find which need to be smelted in the furnace. When you mine iron, you get iron ore, which cannot be used to make tools. If you put it in the furnace and leave it to smelt (cook) you get iron ingots, which you can use to make stronger tools and armour. Iron is used for a lot of recipes to craft lots of different thing. It is difficult to find on the surface but is easy to find when you mine underground. Therefore, you should not look for it until you are underground.


    Gold is like Iron because it is found as an ore, and you have to first smelt (cook) it in a furnace to use it to make tool. Gold is rarer than iron but the tools and armour that you can make with it are not stronger. Gold is used for some advanced recipes and it looks nice but it is not good for making the basic tools. Gold is also found underground and is common in dungeons.


    Diamond is the strongest material in the game and it is used to make the best tools. Diamond is very difficult to find but diamond tools last for a long time. It is only found underground and it is very rare, good luck in your search.

    There are a lot of blocks in Minecraft, but knowing about these ones is enough to get you started on your journey through the Overworld, and you will learn as you go.

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