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    age:13 is a little young but i can do everything a 15 year old can do>

    skype name: sietse muller(living in holland, bodegraven)

    real name: sietse muller

    time zone: amsterdam

    how long on what days: the next 4 weeks i can play everyday after that im going to school i can can not play that much anymore.

    past experience: i was the owner of 10 minecraft servers and i can make banners logos and server trailers.

    why do i need to be staff: i need to be staff becouse i really like to do something with building.

                                                  i can make anything you want i have made 20+ logos in total an i really like doing it.

                                                  i really like to do things for people.

                                                  i dont need money becouse i dont want it.

                                                  i have never been banned on any server.

                                                  i can do anything you want me and i can play almos everyday 3 hours+

                                                  i look a little you to be server staff but i can do everything a 15 year old can do.

                                                  im always online on skype so if you wan t me to do something i can do it for you

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