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    Hi guys,
    Maybe some of you know the mini game EggWars on the Cubecraft server.

    This is a mini game where teams compete to be the last one standing. Every team has an egg which makes you able to respawn ones you die. Your goal is to break your opponent's egg and kill them.


    I want to recreate this mini game on bigger scale. Add mods like Flan's mod Modern Weapons, Custom NPCs (for the weapons mostly), Journey Map, Balkon's Weaponmod and some more. Instead of an island per team (like in EggWars) there is one big map and each team has a corner of the map. The map will be inspired by the TV series "The 100" and Mad Max Fury road. My plan was to make the server available for around a year maybe longer.

    Any thoughts? Tips?



    If you know someone who might want to help build this project. All help is welcome! Profit will be shared :)


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