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    we are looking for Really Good Developers Who Can Help Maintain and Keep the Server Goin Let Me Know And We Can Get in Contact With Each other


    Basic Qualifications:
    - At least is 15 years of age or older
    - Experience with at least one Object Oriented programming language
    - Experience with setting up Minecraft plugins
    - Troubleshooting skills
    - Have and use Skype regularly
    - Have And Used Teampeaks And Discord
    - Always Active When Needed

    Preferred Qualifications:
    - Experience with Minecraft-related development
    - Notable previous experience like previous projects worked on

    copy and past below and dont lie on application also we will be looking to recruit everyone who has experiance
    Q: How old are you?
    Q: Why are you applying for a developer position?
    Q: Were you previously a developer in a Minecraft server?
    Q: What programming languages do you know?
    Q: Are you a fast learner?
    Q: How good is your programming skills?

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