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    I'm looking for a mod that automatically jumps at the very end of a block, this would be VERY useful for parkour and 4 block jumps.


    So because i couldn't find any mods to do that i decided to make a macro, it is made in Razer synapse for Razer devices so if you have a Razer mouse or keyboard you are free to use it. If you have a keyboard or a mouse from a different company that you are able to put macros on i give the timings here:


    Press down W

    Delay 0.050s

    Release W

    Delay 0.050s

    Press down W

    Delay 0.350s               (0.349 on screenshot because glitch with razer synapse but it is 0.350s)

    Press down Space

    Delay 0.285                 (0.285 on screenshot because glitch with razer synapse but it is 0.285s)

    Release Space

    Delay 0.300s

    Release W



    Download:  Link Removed: https://www.mediafire.com/?w6wh9668k2nnuud



    press the ... button


    find MinecraftLongJump

    press ok




    hold shift and S (make sure you are at end of a block)

    aim in the middle of the block 4 blocks in front of you( doesn't work on an angle, only in a straight line)

    let go of your keyboard

    press your macro key





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