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    I sure wish it was easy to find which mods will work on server or if  plugins needed add those to the mods As needed with this mod or something.

    Or name them maybe like Server mods and client mods, or Universal for both. I say this because I'm old and time is not on my side these days.

    Can't keep up with these young ones who have built this site and all within it. Very smart people here and i love it. With that said, i have built 3 servers and just sitting here looking at them, i have used forge, as needed for most and sponge, spigot, thermo's, and a couple more, none aren't stable at all and most i can't  seem to get plugins, mods ect: to work so that my other computers in home can play on these servers well. sure it's easy to setup a server and play just the plain game with no goodies to play with. but we all love the mods with cool goodies. So if anyone has any idea which setup i should use and where exactly to get the server side mods/plugins and client side that will actually work, I will try again.  Thank You Team and please keep up your work here, I only understand about 20% of it all but still it's cool stuff.

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