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    I am working on a new modpack. I have done modpacks before but this one is more advanced (I guess).


    So what is happening is when I download mods, they work fine. I get to the last few mods I have to instal and then something happens where when I log into the game, it starts lagging. When I break a block on the surface it lags for about .2-.5 seconds and my FPS drops from 175 fps to 4 fps. BUT when I go into a cave and go down a few blocks, I break about 6 blocks in 1s just fine. No FPS loss and no lag...?  This has happened in every single one of my test modpacks. The mods are working just fine except for that.. and that is very annoying and no one wants a laggy game.


    I know it isn't my computer:

    16gb Ram (5.5 gb are dedicated to modpacks/Curse and that should be plenty)

    GTX 860 4gb cache

    I7 Intel


    I run Hermitpack and technic and every other modpack just fine.


    I am running out of options, I have been at this for 5 days trying to get it right... I have been on planet Minecraft and FTB forms and no one seems to reply back..


    For the love of all that is good and mighty... does anyone have an idea why? Does anyone want to help me.. PLEASE


    I work long days and all I want to do is sit down and play my own modpack and drink a few beers... is that too much to ask for? lol

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    I keep getting a connection lost page after I log into sthe server (on my client). "Fatally missing blocks and items" it says. I looked at the logs, I changed the outdated or different visions of mods etc etc etc....



    I do not know what to look for anymore. any help would be awesome!

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