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    2 of my mods aren't working and I downloaded them for 1.7.10, I mean there is no problem in my Minecraft game like crashing or lag or anything, but the mods that i'm trying to use aren't working. The mod is and Shaders Mod by karyonix. (nevermind there's only one mod) and the Shaders, nothing even for the Shaders mod shows up, I've even checked my mods on my Minecraft game not my folder and ik its in my folder I checked. And in the Minecraft mods button IT DOESN'T SHOW UP :(. And I don't know how to fix it. I have tried twice putting in the folder and out. It's not working. Can someone help please!! They are also made to be compatible with my version. 



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    Im having trouble downloading this into my mod folder, It is a compressed (zipped) folder and it does not work for my mods on my worlds well some of them. I already have some of the mods in the modpack but I want the mod pack because I love her shaders and I love all the mods in the pack even though I already have some. I dont know how to put the mod pack into my mods 1.7.10 folder. I need help please! anyone have any tips for me to learn how to put mod packs (Compressed folders) into my 1.7.10 mods folder?


    -Thanks, Stacyplaysfan1100

    And I haven't put the zip file into the 1.7.10 folder because it doesn't work on my Minecraft. It won't even let me open MC if I have it in the folder.


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