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    First of all, Happy New Year everyone!!!


    I have a problem with Project Ozone 2. The recipe for the rune of air is not working.


    The runic altar works in general, because I can craft other runes without problem...

    But the air rune simply doesn't "complete".

    I've used Manapowder, Manasteel, Carpet, Feather and a String, but it's not working.


    I play on MacOS with the Version 2.1.9, because the newest update causes minecraft to crash...

    But it shouldn't be the problem, there was nothing mentioned regarding my problem in the change logs.


    However I've seen a changelog of botania, where an issue with the rune of air was addressed, but this was some builds before mine, so it shouldn't also be the issue...


    Does somebody has a suggestion what else I can try or better a solution to this?


    Every tip is very welcomed.


    Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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