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    Hey guys, looking for a few suggestions on this. I'm looking to pregenerate a new Project Ozone 2 server for my local game store. At first, I was looking to use Minecraft Land Generator, but I've found a couple different issues.


    First off, creating a new map from scratch seems to be lacking in all of the fun, new stuff that Project Ozone 2 provides. It builds it more like a vanilla map. As a note, yes, I did properly set up MLG per this handy article at How To Geek.


    So I had another thought. I started up a brand new single player world, explored a bit, and closed out. I copied the world folder to where I was running MLG, ran it and told it to make a 5,000 by 5,000 world as a test. Below is the error that it kept spitting out before stopping itself.


    [MLG] Warning found: Stopping Minecraft Land Generator
    [Server] 2017-02-04 14:56:26 [WARNING] Skipping TileEntity with id tileChanceCube
    [MLG] Forcing Save...


    So either I'm missing something with MLG, or there's a better option out there to pregenerate a new server. I'm open to hear suggestions. I might be a bit spotty in responding, but if there's any extra information you guys need to help solve this, lemme know.


    Side note: we're looking to make this a 15,000 by 15,000 block world. We love having our own spaces, and are pretty damn creative in finding ways of reaching each other if needed in game.

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