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    So, I built the occulus, the inscription table and the craftign altar and now, every time I so much as look at their direction, the game starts to slow down a lot...  If I move further away from my base, the lag stops. I tried removing everything except the crafting altar (too lazy :p ) and still nothing.

    On another note, for some reason, after breaking and placing the occulus back, I could not open it, a strange message popped up (mysterious powers yadda yadda ) and my mana bar + burnout bar were gone.


    What should I do?


    I have windows 10 64 bit and I have curse allocate 10 gb for minecraft. All this happened in singleplayer.


    EDIT: Fixed. Just remove all the AM2 blocks and put some other block in their place, which you will then remove and voila, problem solved.

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