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    Hello everyone.


    I am running a project ozone 2 server for my family and friends and we are running into some bugs I am totally lost on. 

    I did not build the server using the file provided because well I did not see it in the curse launcher oops so I built the server on my own but getting forge then transferring the files. I removed the client only mods and well it all seemed to work. I did add a version of forgeessentials but I have tried disabling it and still have these issues


    1. Certain recipes show in NEI and even in the crafting tables but as soon as i try to take the product out it starts to go then pops right back into the table. Recipes I can think of off the top of my head are 2 wheat = seeds and 9 of the silken web stuff = fabric


    2.  /home and /back are all sorts of broken no matter how many times I reset my home it always defaults to the first place I ever set it. (Yes I have deleted it many times) same with back no matter how many times I have teleported it always takes me to the first place I have needed it 


    3. A few ores are acting up like tungstun and such they cause the smeltery to go all sorts of wonky and it shows they can be pulverized in NEI but I have tried pulverizer and SAG mill and nothing


    I am sure I will find more but these are the big ones and while they are not huge issue for use who play opped we have others (kids) that we don't want to op or have to always log on to do certain things for them

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