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    Hi Brelan,


    Great mod pack! I'm really having a lot of fun playing it! Thanks!! (BTW thanks for the youtube series as well. Nice videos there!)


    I just would like to point some issues that I'm facing with the pack to give you some feedback in the hope of helping you with the pack's development.


    The first (and the only important issue really) is the recipe for tin ore processing in the crusher. The output is blank with 10% chance of copper grit according to JEI. I didn't find tin grit or dust in the JEI menu so I don't know if it is intended or not but it would be great to have this ore doubling mechanics to tin as well.



    I've also been experiencing some difficulty with the quest completion detection (just as yourself on your youtube videos) and sometimes I have to force quest completion with the "/bq_admin complete" command. That is just a minor issue in my point of view but it is still a little annoying. The quest that I remember having this issue is the quest 172 (and also 51 and 174 if I'm not mistaken). I know it would take a lot of effort and time but maybe moving to HQM is a good option.


    Finally, the last thing I would like to point out (that is not really an issue) is that the light overlay is not working properly for some reason. I suspect that this is due to the CustomMobSpawner mod and the way it works. I know it is required for the Dr'Zhark's Mo'Creatures mod but from what I read it interferes with the overlay for some reason. This seems to be a ongoing issue for some years now and I don't know if there is or will be any solution for that. An additional mod like LLOverlayReloaded could be an option but again I don't know if it will work or not with CMS installed.


    I hope that the feedback helps you.

    Thanks again for this great mod pack. I can't wait to see Thaumcraft and Witchery added to it when they are released.

    Keep up the good work.



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