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    IGN: ADHDGamer420

    - Discord: ADHDGamer420#5670
    - Age: 25
    - Tell us about yourself? I’m just your typical gamer with ADHD. 
    - What's your playstyle?: (Adventurer, Designer, Technical, community builder, etc.) everything besides red stone. 
    - Do you agree with all the rules above? Yes. 
    - Time zone and when do you think you would play?

    everyday or every couple days. 

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    my friends and I have started a server. 
    We are currently looking to add some more people

    must be 16+ years old

    must have a mic

    Have general knowledge of Minecraft with or without mods 


    we are on 1.19.2 with 70ish mod


    if interested 

    add me on discord



    we will be looking forward to playing with you all. 

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