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    Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post <3, I am one of the 3 owners of Brye Gaming discord. A bit about us before we start - I owned a few hundred player discord that sadly was raided and destroyed a while ago, after taking a break for a while I wanted to rebuild, So after advertising and advertising I found 2 other wonderful owners and an amazing manager to help me re build our discord, Sadly our release was a few days ago so we only have 126 players from our FIRST release stage, We plan on doing a SECOND Release stage hopefully gaining another few 100 players.

    At the moment we are looking for lots of staff members to make our discord grow and stay amazing and caring community it is currently. So if you are interested from helping us re-build our future discord server we would be grateful <3, We are currently making a side WIP lore SMP that will also be connected to our discord, So if you apply for this you also might be able to help with that!

    WE are currently looking for


    We are also looking for some amazing new members to be apart of our first 200 special giveaway <3
    Please don't be commenting 'a few 100 is small' All discords start from somewhere and we hope ya'll wanna be apart of it :)

    When you join please verify!
    & go to our staff-apps channel to apply <3
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    Hello My name is Airis I am one of the 2 owners of a community discord & a future 1.18 SMP - I am looking for Another Owner or a server Merge! & a server Manager if you are interested in helping out please carry on reading!


    So I started a minecraft community a few years ago we were so close and an amazing friendly community until our discord was raided and completely destroyed I recently tried to re-create it but sadly died quickly, I am completely recreating our original community with a brand new discord, More helpful staff, a server SMP, and a loving community. 


    Server Owners - Merge - 3rd Owner

    I am looking for 

    1 - A server merge where 2 servers completely merge into one but are looking for the same goal to create an amazing community welcome to all players based around minecraft. I am not in it for the players, I miss having a friendly community to play and laugh with :)


    2 - A 3rd Owner, Now do not be alarmed some people might think 3 is a lot! But me and my other owner are currently working on our SMP! So I am looking for someone to maybe become another owner and help us revive our community again, if you cannot merge with us then I will either need you to be able to help set up discords, or advertise, Or even build! 


    3 - A sister server or affiliate - If you have a discord server and want to maybe work together on a minecraft server, Or events together, Or even giveaways! We can work together and make a great partnership between 2 great minecraft community servers,




    I am looking for a potential server manager this is not 100% but if you want to help us manage our community and think of new ideas, events, roleplays, or so much more! then you can apply.



    If you are interested in one of these Please add my discord!




    If you want more information just ask!

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    Arda SMP

    hello my name is Airis I am one of the owners of Arda SMP! Our second owner is Vonck if you were interested. We are going to be starting a Lore Based
    Survival Server when 1.18 releases! We are currently setting up our plugins and our discord. But we are looking for some builders & a manager.

    We will not be paying as our server will not be bringing in any income But we will be setting up a tebex store for ranks & more stuff to buy! So we could maybe in the future!

    Builder : 
    If you want to become a builder for us we are only
    looking for a simple medieval spawn, So we don't need detailed builds but we want to make sure you are mature and understanding - Please Join our discord link at the bottom to apply!

    Manager : If you want to become a manager for our server we need you to be able to do these things :
    -server management
    -staff management
    -advertising management
    You also must be 15+


    If it doesn't work please comment your discord on this post <3


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