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    posted a message on [1.16+] Campfire SMP - 18+ Semi-Vanilla Survival - mcMMO - Whitelisted

    IGN/Username:  Ajer21

    Discord (i.e. johnsmith#1234): Austen#2339
    Age: 20

    Location (i.e. US, AU, UK, etc): U.S.

    What do you generally like to do in Minecraft: Build elaborate builds as well as farms.  I also assist with projects that result in killing JenniTheFox. :D

    What interests you in a community like this, or a whitelisted server: Jenni said the server was great fun and would like me to join in with that fun.
    How did you find out about our server, or who referred you (if applicable): JenniTheFox

    Do you agree to all of the RULES (found in our Discord server): Yes, sounds great!

    Will you post your application link in our Discord: Sounds like a plan!

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