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    posted a message on Can't use the native Minecraft launcher through the Twitch app

    When I try to launch Minecraft via the Twitch app, it launches with the old JAR launcher, which doesn't properly work with modpacks on my computer. It seems like there's a setting for using the native launcher (in Settings --> Minecraft), but whenever I select it, it switches back as soon as I leave the page. Any solution for this?


    A few key points:

    -I'm on MacOS Catalina, version 10.15.6 (which should be the latest version.)

    -In the Minecraft settings in the Twitch app, it says the Java version it's using is (64 Bit), which I redownloaded today just to make sure. I can also select (64 Bit). Occasionally, when I check on this settings page, it says it isn't detecting Java. 

    -I've checked plenty of other sources in an attempt to fix this, and none give a solution that works for me.


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