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    I'm currently playing FTB Infinity Evolved and am trying to setup a BC Quarry. I've got a 5x5 reactor powering it and am having no issues. My problem is sorting the output from the quarry, I've got Ender IO transfer pipes, one path going to a trashcan with a filter on it for cobble, dirt, gravel, etc... I've also got 3 reinforced caches for diorite, andesite, and marble incase I want to use them as building material one day. The rest is just sitting in a gold chest. (btw the gold chest is the output and everything is being extracted from it). I want to ender chest the rest of the stuff back to my base where I can dump it in my ME System (still working on setting it up). My issues is the items that are supposed to be trashed or go into the caches just gets sucked into the ender chest. I tried setting the prority on the ender chest to -1 but things that are supposed to go to the trash, like cobble, are being sucked into the ender chest. How do I make it so the items will go to the trash or the caches before going to the ender chest https://myip.kim/  https://birthdaywishes.onl/ //elecpay.in/tneb/"" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://elecpay.in/tneb/"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":1317569,"3":{"1":0},"9":1,"10":2,"12":0,"14":[null,2,1136076],"15":"arial,sans,sans-serif","21":1,"23":1}">https://elecpay.in/tneb/

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