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    posted a message on Rezzcraft needs a lot of talented builders!!!

    Rezzcraft is looking for a lot of builders. We are currently a survival RPG server looking to expand to creative and maybe factions for right now. In the future we will have lots of game types, but to do this we need to expand our build team. We are strictly looking for builders 16 years + and we need a lot of them. I know there are lots of very talented builders out there and its important that you know what you're doing. Here are some strict guidelines:

    • Immaturity will not be tolerated.

    We've had builders in the past who have had to be banned for their immaturity. This is why we are now only accepting people 16 years or older. Joking around is okay, we have a fun, friendly environment here at Rezzcraft. However, it is important that you know your limits.

    • If you're inactive for 1-2 weeks and you do not tell us why or that you won't be able to make an appearance, you will get the boot.

    If you have a vacation planned or school is just starting and you tell us, then that is perfectly fine. However, we need to know and we need you as active as possible. We want Rezzcraft to go far and we need your help to do that.

    • Respect staff's decisions. They are law.

    Of course, this one might be self explanatory, but it's important that you're respectful and understanding toward staff. No bickering and whining about who gets what role, etc.

    We really need lots of builders to help make Rezzcraft a more developed server. We can be fun and friendly, all we ask is that you're mature and respectful and as active as possible. If you are interested, please check out our applications discord athttps://discord.gg/vmdy73W . Our server discord is https://discord.gg/Wp5c8Gw . Please provide us with this information:

    IGN (in game name):
    Past servers you've worked for, if any:
    Portfolio//Screenshots of builds:
    How much time you can dedicate to Rezzcraft:

    You will also be set up for a voice chat interview. It is REQUIRED that you have discord and can join voice chat. It is also preferred that you have a mic, but it is not a requirement as long as you can join voice chat. It is also required that you speak english to a decent understanding and fluency.

    Even if you're not sure whether you're skilled enough but you're interested, apply anyways and try it out if you're at least 16. The worst that can happen is we say no. We'd love to see what you can do.

    I hope to see some amazing talent and meet some amazing people. 
    -your head moderator and builder, algk9 // Lexi.

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