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    Hello everyone,

    Are you ready to embark on an exciting new journey in Minecraft? Look no further, as we invite you to join DuckRealm, a unique and captivating Minecraft SMP game like no other! Whether you play on Java edition or Bedrock edition, this server is open to everyone where we can enjoy the fun together.

    🦆 What is DuckRealm?
    DuckRealm is a Minecraft SMP who focusses on the best player experience. We focus on creating a friendly and respectful community. We also focus on implementing cool and unique features and we will keep on adding these. Our server version is 1.19 and players above these versions can still join us!

    🛠️ Our aweome plugins
    To improve the gameplay in our Minecraft server we have several awesome plugins. I will list the plugin below with the main features of these.

    Ensures your builds and/or creations are safe from griefers. Nobody can blow up and/or destroy your awesome builds!

    DuckCore is the core plugin for DuckRealm which we have created ourself with a lot of unique and useful features.

    Below here is a list with some of the main features that DuckCore offers! We are daily trying to improve and add more and new exiting features to our plugin!

    Home system
    Easily safe, delete and/or warp to your custom homes at any time that you want.

    Teleport system
    Easily request, accept and/or decline a player to teleport to you.

    Economy system
    With our custom economy system you can sell items to the server and buy items from the server. Allowing you to easier create awesome builds, creations and/or homes.

    Redeem system
    With our custom redeem system you will be able to redeem codes which will give you items and some server currency you can use to buy items from the server.

    🗣️ Join our community today!
    Ready to dive into the wonderful world of DuckRealm? Join us now and be part of an incredible Minecraft SMP experience like never before.

    Server IP: play.duckrealm.eu
    Discord serverhttps://discord.gg/V6yDEGjKJ3

    Use /redeem FirstUpdate to get some materials and server currency!

    Do we see you soon in DuckRealm?

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