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    Hi my name is Alucard and I'm looking to team up with someone and make a sever and don't worry. I pay for the sever and I have a sever host they are good so I was thinking for the sever we can do like survival, pvp, faction, hunger games or something like that. But so you know you can have all the money you make from the rank. I dont mind but you can update the sever with it and buy cool things for the people but I'm doing this for fun and to make something amazing with someone so if you want to team up add me on discord and we talk more about it.



    M​y discord Alucard#7912


    And sorry about my text I do text to fast

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    posted a message on Making a 1.12 mincraft city and need help

    so I was making a crafting dead sever but I’m putting it on hold for a bit because I need a map and I was thinking let’s make a map for fun and play around with it and see what we come up with. Hoping to make a team out of this and it be on mincraft no mods to it so anyone can join and help out if you wanted to join me add me on discord Alucard#7912

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    Hi my name is Alucard I’m going back to old school crafting dead looking for people to make this happen I’m doing this sever for the players so we can make amazing builds and add cool things to it the sever for the playing I’m not doing this for money so if your a good dev and wanted to make money off the ranks I’m ok with that but. This sever so everyone can have fun and I join to to have fun and we do min games that be fun and have to work in a team to get the good loot ok enough of what I’m going to do so this is the old crafting dead rans and I add 2 new ones to it

    Lost soul
    Soul catcher
    Ultimate soul catcher

    And I’m going to make the bases how they used to be and not so far away from each other so you guys can make op base.but do make all this happen I need builders and developers to make this op old school sever so if you want to join add me on discord Alucard#7912

    And to add don’t worry I have a sever it 8ram and it up 24/7 and it got crafting dead on it just waiting for builders and developers

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    posted a message on Looking to work with someone i pay for the sever

    so I'm willing to pay for the server every 4weeks as long as it a fun server like normal Minecraft,Factions or a modded factions

    but I’m thinking more modded factions with guns or a fun mod or something like that 

    My discord Alucard#7912

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    posted a message on Making a 1.6.4 map for my sever need good builders
     So I need good builders but I know people hate doing it from nothing so I have a idea I have 3 maps so we just take and add to the map we are working on. and it is more for people who wanted to talk in discord and work together and make something amazing so if you want to join just say so or text me.piz note you need crafting dead to do this if you need help getting it I help you it not hard to get
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    posted a message on Trying to make a crafting dead sever looking for people

    So I’m looking for this

    Senior moderator

    note need some really good builders and developers willing to pay for developers

    if you wanted to join me text or add me here my discord Alucard#7912

    for the builders I have a good idea

    crafting dead

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