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    Is there any modded economy servers out there?

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    Foxbait ATM3 Server Version 5.12.2

    Hi I'm just testing the waters with hosting a modded Minecraft server. The modpack is All the Mods 3. There may be issues along the way as I am new with this. Come join and help me make this server a decent one. Welcome to post suggestions in discord. Link is below.


    New server with the following features

    • Economy (Miner job - "be paid ingame currency while you mine", shops - Create your shops anywhere you'd like)
    • claimspawn TP
    • Claim land with GriefPrevention.
    • chunkload 1 chunk
    • 16 Slot server
    • Hard Difficulty
    • PVE

    Come check it out to see if its the place for you.





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