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    Recently I stated a new world and after some time, it started freezing every 2-3 minutes for a couple of seconds. Gradually the time it was unresponsive became longer and longer until one day the world wouldn't load at all. I adjusted the memory usage from the 4 GB it was set on to 8 GB and the world loaded fine, if not a bit quicker.  I played on it for another week or so never having any problems. Last night, I noticed the freezing started up again for a second or two. It became a bit world as time went by, but not much. Today, I attempted to open the world back up, and it locked up my system just after the Loading World Data Screen went away. I let it set 5 minutes or so before rebooting my computer.


    I have:

    Rebooted the computer (multiple times)

    Upped the RAM usage to 10 GB

    Loaded up another world, using the same mod pack without any problems


    System Specs:


    Windows:10 Pro

    Processor: Ryen 5 2600

    Memory: 16 GB

    Graphics Card: Radeon RX 580


    CurseForge version:

    MInecraft version: 16.5

    Modpack:  All the Mods 6 version: 1.5.4b


    Any help?



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