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    posted a message on obfuscated character help?

    hey guys :D

    i have made a texture pack and im trying to add an obfuscated(magic?) character to the title. the code is \u00A7k
    the problem is that when i add \u00A7k to the title it changes all the text into obfuscated characters??
    am i supposed to add something after the \u00A7k to make it not do that?
    im obviously doing something wrong lol...
    this is how its formatted right now-

    "format_version": 2,
    "header": {
    "description": "\u00A74Cronchy! \u00A77By ani_rose",
    "name": "\u00A7k \u00A7cApples \u00A7fPVP \u00A7cPack \u00A7k",
    "uuid": "e7852b0c-a17d-11ea-bb37-0242ac130002",
    "version": [​0, 0, 1],
    "min_engine_version": [ 1, 14, 0 ]
    "modules": [
    "description": "Example vanilla resource pack",
    "type": "resources",
    "uuid": "743f6949-53be-44b6-b326-398005028819",
    "version": [​0, 0, 1]

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