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    posted a message on Published modpack for first time, can't find it at all

    So I've just made and tried to publish my first modpack. It was still awaiting approval, and I exited my browser.


    I've come back and when I go to my profile and try to access the modpack, it doesn't even show up under my projects. Do I have to wait for approval before I can edit the modpack or even view it? Because I think I messed up something with the mod folder, so I really wanted to access it.


    Also, when I opened the exported zip file none of the mods were in the pack, so does curseforge work in a way where you don't actually need to have the mod folder in the .zip itself for it to work? Just generally confused over here.

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    posted a message on Good 1.16 forge nether mod?

    I'm making a modpack (for personal use atm) that focuses on magic, fantasy, and exploration, and I'm happy with it except for the nether. Nothing's really been added to the nether with the mods I have and I'm looking for a 1.16.4 forge mod that adds some more cool elements to the nether.


    I know that biome mods like OTBYG and BOP add some really cool biomes to the nether, but I'm already using a smaller-scale biome mod that doesn't add anything to the nether.


    If anyone knows of a forge mod that adds biomes/mobs/structures etc. to the nether, but doesn't affect overworld world gen (massively), I'd love to hear about them!


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