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    Hello! You can call me Ara, or Hinata, I'm 24 and currently working on an extremely ambitious project creating a full RPG within the Naruto World Setting in Minecraft utilizing plugins, with hopes of creating a brand new experience for lovers of the anime.

    **__What have I done so far?__**
    Right now I have already begun development on the back-end systems, and some of the core abilities to every shinobi, in addition to blockbench models, resourcepack textures, etc.. I also currently have a temporary map of the Naruto universe and even some investors who are willing to dish out some cash to have a proper large world map created specifically for this project.

    **__What will my role be once I have help?__**
    Even once I've gained the help of some volunteers for various tasks I am extremely dedicated to learning every corner of the systems that will go into this, including but not limited to MS, Skript, Java, MythicMobs, Blockbench, Texture work, ETC.. I will not leave all of the work to the people willing to help.

    **__What am I looking for and What do I already have.__**

    *Looking For*
    - 1 Co-Developers
    - 2-4 MS Config/Coders
    - 1-2 Skripters
    - Any # Builders
    - 2-3 Questers/Writers
    - 1-2 Blockbench Modelers

    *Already Have*
    - Test server run from my PC
    - 1 Developer (Will dip into all roles)(Me)
    - 1 Traditional/Digital Artist/Modeller (For promotional Material/Models)
    - 1 Advisor (for Java based problems.)
    - 2-4 Play testers
    - Server Host willing to Host me a server for free with 64GB of RAM at least temporarily.

    **__What Experience do I have?__**
    I've been running and managing projects for years with a fairly substantial success rate. All of my IRL work experience is in Upper Management over teams of individuals.

    **__Is there any chance of pay in the future when the project has launched__**
    I've listed this project as [Need Help (Free)] because I dont have the funds to pay anyone right now and i'm looking for volunteers with a passion for this that will stick with me in creating it. But if the opportunity were to present itself and the server were to begin making enough money I would absolutely love to be able to give those people who put in the work some kind of compensation later on after the project has been completed.

    **__Why do I wan't to make this project?__**
    I have wanted to create this for almost 6-7 years now. To my knowledge an RPG set in the naruto setting would be the first of it's kind in minecraft as a great many servers for this setting usually end up as just RP or PvP focus. But that's not what I want to create. I want to give people a new and fun experience and it's something I am extremely passionate about. I really hope to find others who will share in my passion to create something beautiful and fun for others to enjoy.

    **__If I'm Interested what should I do?__**
    - Join the project discord and make your inquiries there.
    - Fill out the Google Form Application and wait for a response in 3-24 hours via Discord DM's

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