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    Quote from jtrent238 >>

    Try Downloading Something Something Else And Try Using google Chrome, And Or Try Upgrading To Curse Premium

     Hey jtrent238,
    Yeah, I think it was due to the lack of Premium subscription on my account. :-)
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    Since there are no responses to this error:

    Description: Ticking memory connection

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking memory connection

    To those who are currently experiencing the aforementioned error. Here are two steps that will likely help resolve your issue:

    Though: Remember this is a beta pack. Nothing is guaranteed.


    Keep your installation up to date yourself (pack creator is unlikely to be responsible since this is a beta).

    1. You should update your forge to (minimum) If you choose a newer or older version you're responsible for making sure its compatible with both MC and the mods.

    2. You should also update the individual mods. Especially since (some of) the ones present in this beta pack by default are horrendously outdated and are what causes the issues in your world files and worldgen and resulting in a crash. I have no list of which exact [mod|mods] [is|are] the culprit; too many interfere with world-gen to pinpoint the exact one without wasting too much time.


    If you use the Curse client you can easily do this with just a few clicks. Just unlock the installed pack from its profile settings and you should be able to both select the above mentioned forge version and start clicking the update icons behind each individual "Installed mod" from the tab with the same name.


    Edit/Note: I noticed that you cannot break blocks in certain areas and I am not quite sure why; seems it has got something to do with the geysers from GeoStrada. Since I could not get this modpack to run without altering it, I don't know if this is by design... Feels like something is broken though.


    jadedcat: If updating the mods or forge is known to break your configs (or if you for any other reason don't want this post here) just ping/note me and I'll remove this post asap-zulu.

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    Fair point. However, I doubt I'd notice much throttling on a 100 Mbps-line. I don't think they would dare to go against laws over here and cap anything except to prevent me from going beyond 100 Mbps.


    The router is my own, too. I don't trust the cheap ones the ISP "recommends".

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    This is a great idea (!) - or at least somewhere to start. There definitely should be a section to somehow promote the perhaps.. less known mods and packs! :)

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    Is the varied (but usually extremely slow) download speed a common Curse-issue, or just for the Minecraft "section" of Curse?


    Anyone else but me experience this oddity?



    I notice that sometimes I can get a fairly decent 2 - 4 MB/s download speed, but more often than most I get something like 30 - 60 KB/s. The same "1st world problem" (Yeah, I know it's not a big deal) can be noticed on the Curse Voice (beta) client, so I am assuming the issue is global for Curse as a whole. Perhaps some inefficient load balances that are not delivering the most efficient servers to users?


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that downloads sometimes don't succeed at all. I had forgotten this issue, but was reminded just now when a 125 MB file "completed" at 31 MB...


    Needless to say; It surprises me greatly that a service as big as Curse would have any issue what so ever with upload speed. I hope it gets resolved sometime. It's been around for a long - long time. I've never seen anyone else comment about it. (Perhaps it's taboo. If such, I don't expect this thread to survive moderation for long ...)

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