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    posted a message on [HELP] Number and Letter next to food name

    I don't know which mod that is causing this, but does anyone know how to fix/remove this?


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    posted a message on [CRASH] Modded Server Crash when starting

    I'm using Aternos for a dedicated server for me and my relatives, I've tried starting the server so that I could access the config files but the server crashed. I really don't understand the log and what is causing the error, if you would please point out what is causing the error and what I should do to fix it.


    Here is the link for the Server Log: https://mclo.gs/fULOwiA

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    posted a message on Need help!! Anyone know any of this mods?

    I forgot what modpack where I found the following mod description:


    • Access to the crafting table by clicking the crafting table icon at the inventory next to the recipe book without placing or in hand.
    • Using flint to make flint tools like Flint Axe and Flint Sword.
    • Repairing tools with their initial materials used to craft them. Pickle Tweak
    • The pointer would change to [ + ] when trying to reach and places block without shift walking to the edge of the block you are standing. Quark


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