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    posted a message on Which is better for your use in regards to mods API and mods offered between forge and fabric?
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    I have not had a lot of experience with other sources but Forge has kind of let me down on several occasions. I mean I can't complain to much for a free service but stuff like Sevtech barely updates once a year and instead of finishing projects they start new ones. Then Forge is now partnered with twitch, which is a pretty lousy launcher and updater. Currently having trouble updating Sevtech because one file is too big and Twitch keeps timing out the update. official site

    The CF page just links to twitch, no actual files available to install it manually. And like others have said we are almost up to 1.15 and Forge is still at 1.12...

     I will probably stay on Fabric because Forge had their chance and disappeared for well over a year while other APIs like Fabric had mods out for 1.13 and 1.14. I gave up waiting on Forge and I am not going back.

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