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    Edit: I reverted to an earlier version of Forge that is still compatible, I think, with 1.16. Version 32.0.39 and it fixes the issue with the items. Clearly, Forge is the problem child. XD Just a heads up if anyone had the same issue. Just download the older version for now until it gets fixed.



    Is anyone else having issues with the new Forge, Optifine and Shaders causing their items to go invisible and the item you hold to distort? Forge and Optifine seem to work together just fine, but once I enable any shader I have this happen. Once I disable the shader it goes back to working again. I'm not even sure who I would turn that bug in to since I don't know which program is causing the issue. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


    Also, I know that when I downgrade to the 1.15 versions I can use all three together and don't have this problem, but then I can't actually play the new update.


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