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    I've noticed in my last couple visits to other project pages that now, only some of the Minecraft versions display on the project page as "Recent Files." It looks to be the three most recent MC versions for that mod, irrespective of how many versions were recently updated.


    I noticed this because projects I subbed to that had 1.7.10 versions no longer show when those versions are updated without digging through the Files section.


    For example: OpenComputers and AppleCore have had updates to 1.7.10, but only 1.10–1.12 are shown on the project page. Originally, all versions were shown. There was no need to obscure versions.


    Similarly, the project page for my own mod no longer shows the versions before 1.10. People used to the previous layout might think that my mod is not available for 1.7.10 and skip it, but 1.7.10 is the most important version because it has the most content.


    I did not ask for versions to be hidden, and previously they displayed perfectly fine. Why is this now different? Why do people researching mods now have to go through so much more effort? What do I do to fix this for visitors and for myself?

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