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    posted a message on Legacy Factions *Newly founded, need builders/players!*

    Join our newly founded Factions Server!

    ~Start now to build your way to being the best faction~

    (Spawners, heads, shops, voting, rewards, survival)!

    (OP factions coming soon!)

    Invite your friends and start your journey!


    Welcome to Legacy Factions! We are a new faction server that offers an awesome faction experience! We have a simple rankup system that will cost you no real money! When you first join you will start at a bronze rank. You get one ./pvault and one sethome. You can get up to 5 ./pvault vaults and 4 homes. You can then get silver and 100k and Gold at 250k.These both add 2 personal vaults and at gold you get another home. At platinum which is 500k you get ./nick that you can use to have a color coded nickname. The next rank is Diamond for 750k. You get a diamond crate key every 4 days. These crates can contain some good loot. The next rank is emerald at 1 mil. You get an emerald crate key every 4 days. This is the best crate in the game. We plan to update the server often with new features! We have a shop and an auction house as well. We are accepting staff applications! Please join us for an nearly untouched factions server!(all gold ranks and above received 1 new home per rankup)

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