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    posted a message on Confusion about Game Version in files

    When I started using CurseForge I was confused when I saw ( example ) Game Version 1.17 +1, I was searching for my version 1.16.4 but I couldn't find it.
    After a while I realized how it was done. But this shouldn't be listed like this.
    It should be listed as two separate files. Even if they are the same.

    Now that I made my first resource pack, people are already confused about why I don't have 1.16.4 released.
    Then I have to explain them this... that 1.17+1 = 1.16.4 & 1.17
    Already it's a mess. And I just started it.

    I don't know who to contact so this can be changed, but this has to be changed...
    It's confusing and probably draw people to other websites instead.

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