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    Hey, at least you responded!!  Thanks for that.  Yes, Optifine had set the game profile to itself like it was supposed to.  ::shrugs::  It's okay though.  Just just dick around with Minecraft to waste time, so I try to not get too bent out of shape when things don't work right.


    GO TO BED!!

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    Okay so....I installed Optifine HD for 1.14.4.  I also have Embellish and Minecolonies installed.  Once I installed Optifine and logged into my world all the blocks for Embellish and the Villagers of Minecolonies were gone,  just gone.  Also, while in creative and opening my inventory which has three pages, I only had 1 page, like normal.  None of the mods were showing.  So, I removed Optifine, gave up on my Minecolony world after checking to see if the blocks returned and the Villagers, which had not.  I started another world and all was fine, all my mods showing, embellish blocks showing.  THEN....I decided that I wanted a shader (I really want a shader). So, I downloaded SEUS-renewed and had to install Optifine 1.14.4 HD U F4 for it to work.  Opened up my world....all the embellish blocks were gone and there was absolutely NO shading.  Another bust...




    Honestly, I'm not expecting any replies, because no one replied to my other post....but I'll try.

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    I've been looking everywhere for a furniture mod to use with 1.14.4.  Mr.Crayfish only gives you tables, chairs and coolers.  I have another mod but it only gives you different blocks, some chairs and lamps.  I attempted to download Decocraft, but it keeps giving me download error.  


    SO, does anyone know of a mod that gives you lots of choices in furniture.  Appliances, wall decor, etc that works with Minecraft Forge 1.14.4?


    I would truly appreciate it.

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