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    I recently did a clean install of Windows, which I suspect is the cause of this issue. When I did this, it changed the name of my user folder which has caused a few issues but nothing I haven't been able to solve quickly. When I reinstalled Curseforge, I changed the Minecraft Modding Folder to its normal folder on my second drive, which allowed Curseforge to show all of my installed modpacks exactly as they were. I can play everything like normal and access all of my old worlds, everything was backed up. I am making this clear because of how little my error makes sense given this info.


    When I try to update any modpack, it gives me the following error:


    "Access to the path 'C:\Users\*old folder name*\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\All the Mods 3\' is denied"


    A few things to note: I am not trying to update All the Mods 3. For some reason it displays this exact message for any modpack. Also, All the Mods 3 was never installed in that folder in the first place, even before I reinstalled Windows. Essentially, it makes sense that access is denied because that folder doesn't exist, but it has never existed even when I used to be able to properly update modpacks. I am not sure why it would even be looking for that folder in the first place, considering, again, I am not trying to update All the Mods 3. Does anyone have any ideas why this could be happening? I can provide as much additional info as is needed.

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