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    Copper Valley MC
    Welcome to our humble slice of paradise. I set out a short few months ago to create a Minecraft server that embodied that first time you played Minecraft in 2011 or 2012. None of these mega-networks, crazy gamemodes, or holograms flashing in your face. Just mining and crafting with your friends, starting a town, playing a game, exploring: pure adventure. While I do love some good ole fashioned vanilla MC, a few plugins always make things a little more fun more me. We have Towny to protect your land, a skills system to level up and receive buffs and bonuses, Skyblock, and more! The goal is to create a mature community of players looking to simply have a good time playing some Minecraft. I've outlined some of the main features and goals I have for this server.

    • Towny- Protect your land, create a town, forge alliances, and engage with server geopolitics
    • Skills- Gain xp for doing everything you'd normally do in Minecraft. The more you do, the higher your stats. Higher levels receive bonuses when mining, fishing, killing mobs, etc.
    • Economy- Kill mobs for money, sell goods for money, or create a shop and have people visit you. The only prices set by the server are for selling mob drops and farm goods. The rest is player-based.
    • PVE- As you venture from spawn, the mobs increase in level. They have more health, speed, and attack the further from spawn you go. However, the reward money from killing them increases as well.
    • PVP- In the overworld, PVP is disabled. However, it is enabled in the Nether and End. Plan accordingly.
    • Skyblock- Escape the grind of everyday life in the skies! Build up your island and compete for the highest level. Visit other islands, buy and sell goods, and just relax.
    • Mob Arena- Play alone or with others to battle waves of mobs. Win money and items which only increase in number and value as you progress!
    • Custom Enchantments- There's over 200 new enchantments that can be obtained as you play. Get Veinminer on a pickaxe or Lifesteal on a sword to spice up your normal
      everyday grind.
    • QoL Tweaks- There are a bunch of small tweaks that are aimed at making the small stuff in MC more fun, interesting, or functional. These include things like double doors, better harvesting (right click to harvest), chest sorting, fast grass paths, and smooth night skipping.
    • Ranks- Start as a Guest. Move up to Member, Citizen, Explorer, Trailblazer, Pioneer, and finally Adventurer. Money is required to move up in rank, but there are also other requirements, like killing a certain amount of mobs or being a member/mayor of a town.
    • No Whitelist- When I want to just play on a casual server or even just check it out, the last thing I want to go through is a whitelist application system. Hop on and dive straight into a classic Minecraft experience.
    There's a couple smaller things I'm working on documenting for the website, but those will be available shortly with a full guide to the server. The main goal here is create a good experience for all and more importantly, a vibrant community. Things are constantly changing and I'm always open to input!

    IP: play.coppervalley.us

    Website: coppervalley.us
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