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    Who we are:
    Stormhold is a unique semi-vanilla multiplayer survival server in a really early stage of development.
    Please only apply if you understand that our first playable version could take even months. We want to provide something truly unique and we wouldn't like to rush anything. In the mean time there will be plenty of things to do for everyone.

    Roles available:
    » Builder
    » Helper
    » Developer (Currently unavailable)
    Higher staff positions such as moderator and administrator are only given to people who have been helpers or builders for a longer period of time and are known and thrusted by the admin team.

    Where to apply:
    Our website is still a work in progress so we'll have to use a google form for now.
    Click here to apply!

    If you have any questions or conserns, please contact me!
    Discord: Beatrix#4332
    Email: teamstormhold@gmail.com
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