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    Hio everyone this subject is meant to be for everyone here, from big modders to game players! please read this till the end as it includes all info about a modpack made by me (Hugger)


    Modpack Name: Magical Age

    Version: 1.3 so far

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Mods: 200+ mods

    Modpack link: Magical Age 1.3


    Now there are 2 final things i need for this modpack one of which is good testers to test it and give me feedback about any bugs or suggestions!

    the other thing is as you can see the modpack is HUGE and really has a lot of ways to be played, and i would love to put the player on a path to go through the modpack easily and get to know how to start and what to do! which means i really would love to add one of 2 mods for questing!

    either "HQM" or 'Better questing mod" now i tried to understand these 2 mods but i really never knew how to make a really good questing book so please suggest me the better mod and if you would like to make the questing book contact me about it and i would give perms! now i really want the questing book to include most of the mods if not all of them! also i really want it to start from basics to advanced stuff from easy to hard also i really would love to know how to make the world generation better as in generating a lot of different "Copper ore" added by different mods, like i would love to make the world generation look simple and not cramped with a lot of different types of blocks, i would love to disable some ore generation and blocks generation too!


    Thanks if you read it till the end, this modpack is meant to be made for everyone and for fun, There are no credits made from this and it's all meant to be for fun!

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    how ?


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