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     IGN: MildHawg66

    Discord: Bob Donner

    AGE: 71

    Retired IT guy from WalMart. Just started playing Minecraft again after taking a couple of years off. I was an intermediate level player who had built numerous AFK fishfarms, and on the last server that I played on helped them get their Iron Farm sorted (they hadn't placed it in the proper cell so that it didn't work unless a player was right there at it. I found the proper spawn chunk and helped them move the farm there and we were good to go with all the iron that we could use.)

    I mostly like to build, enclosing my village with a sturdy wall with towers to handle any pillager raid. In my single player world I build only a small trading area for a smith for armour and weapons, librarians for selected books.

    I completely agree with the rules, There was no mention about AFK fishing as while I love it as a source of fish, enchanted books, etc. I totally understand why people don't want someone setting up a guy fishing and then leaving the game so that anyone else coming on can't sleep. I could be cooperative about it and never leave the game unattended for more than 15 minutes at a time.

    I live in central time zone in United States and would typically play anywhere from 8 AM until midnight.

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