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    The story goes that in a time before civilisation, A titan among the gods named Prometheus created man
    from clay then went down to the realms of earth and gifted humanity fire and the guidance to master these new skills.
    Prometheus, meaning "forethought" in a single act enabled progress and civilisation.

    The creation of Prometheus SMP was inpsired by the story of Prometheus and his power to enable creation.


    We are a Survival Multiplayer server that has vanilla style environment. We have additional plugins to enhance the 
    overall experience online without changing any game mechanics that would effect the vanilla gameplay.
    At Prometheus we just want to provide a community for people to play minecraft but be able to share and what 
    they are doing or interact with others. If you are looking for a refreshing new start with friends, this is the place to be.
    Our active staff ensure the server is always running and suggestions are always heard.


    Server Features:

    • Player claims
    • Server Economy
    • Jobs
    • Keep Inventory
    • Loot Crates
    • Server Ranks

    Prometheus launched in January 2019 and are actively looking for new players and builders.


    ServerIP: Prometheus.mcnode.net

    Discord: https://discord.gg/5dtesya

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