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            My friends and I want to play together using the Vic's Modern Warfare mod (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/vics-modern-warfare-mod), but when they open the inventory and click the arrow to pick up weapons their game closes. We have already tried another version of forge, another version of the mod and the error continued. 

            We play through aternos (free minecraft server platform) and in it we can only use the forge version // // So far so good, but on the mod's website it says the following:
    Be aware that this mod crashes on Forge versions higher than - the reason why is because Forge made a change on their side that we're not responsible for. To fix this, INSTALL the Optifine mod.
    My friends were on optifine and the game still crashed. And as you can see, in aternos there is no version lower than So the only way out would be to find another method to play with my friends.
    If any of you don't know how to solve this, do you know of any other way to play together?


    NOTE¹: For me it works perfectly and I already played with one of my friends with this same mod and it was no problem. Does anyone here have any idea what may be causing this problem?


    NOTE²: We are using MW version mc1.12.2 (SEVERELY OUTDATED VERSION) because we did the tests and it is the one that everything works (put sights on the weapon, weapon skin etc)


    NOTE³: Both use the pirated minecraft and I use the original, but that's what I said earlier, it didn't happen before




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