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    posted a message on Softie management services includes: builders, staff, management, custom minigames, custom discord.

    hello my name is softie I'm looking for a Minecraft network that is in need of a manager as you can see I can offer a lot of things and try and do so much to help out your server, I love managing servers especially watching them go far it is just so interesting to see the different types of servers people make but I'm looking for a network that will be a big project and very unique as there isn't many unique servers out there and I want to see custom mini games and new games and interesting builds not basic builds so if you are wanting a manager like me for your network add my discord we can talk about it
    What I can offer

    1 builders I am a builder myself I also have a few builders that would gladly work for the server if you need them we are all free you do not need to pay for our builds or anything like that
    2 staff: of course you can hire me as a manager but as well I have multiple staff that are very good at what they do and also looking for a network to join and work for
    3 management: I am a server/network manager I work completely for free I am mainly good at staff & community management but i am a quick learner and if you need me to do anything else I will gladly do it
    4 custom minigames: I write out custom minigames as ideas for new networks I don't sell them but if you want them for your server when you hire me you can have them, they are all original and unique
    5 custom discord: if your network doesn't have a discord don't worry I can make one for you for free if you want it simple or complicated ill gladly do it and set it up for you
    6 advertising: need help advertising your network? well let me id gladly advertise it for you and help get you more players

    DISCORD: boopmesoftie#0276

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     very immature owners and not very productive staff team i was called a '10 year old kid' for saying there staff team was not active enough


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    Hello i am looking for a Minecraft network owner or an investor i am a manager and a builder looking for work on a server/network or an investor to invest in me and my wonderful ideas! i am in the process of writing down 4 new custom minigame and in the process of starting to build them on a single player world but I am wanting to start a network a popular one with lots of custom minigames and other game modes but I want to start something new and unique because there is not a lot of unique severs anymore and I want to try and start one so if you are interested please add my discord and I will explain a lot more.
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